How is the Weather Reflecting the Wisdom of Your Heart?

A guest piece today from friend and coaching colleague Altazar Rossiter, and then some details of his next group workshop. Having worked with Altazar both 1-2-1 and in a group situation, I can thoroughly recommend his approach to exploring and developing Spiritual Intelligence – learning to listen to the guidance of our hearts.


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He has some insights to offer us in relation to the unpredictable weather patterns we’ve been experiencing recently and how they relate to our internal process.

‘At last the weather forecast is for the jet-stream to move northwards and allow some sunshine and dryer conditions to stabilise – we’ll see. The deluge summer has brought grief to many and I don’t like to imagine what it must be like to have my home flooded. So what could be the significance of so much overflow?

‘It seems a bit obvious to say there’s a cleansing process going on, but that’s certainly one perspective. It can’t be denied that the rain has washed away much, and it’s also enforced a deep clean up anywhere that the water has carried sewage where it’s not welcome. There could be a metaphor here for an energetic push to look at what we prefer to ignore. And we’ve been forced to stay inside a bit more than we would like, an injunction to pay more attention to the interior life perhaps.

‘The power of the rain and the floodwaters to transform a landscape is also a reflection of the power of our own tears to clear our inner emotional landscape. Tears are widely judged as an expression of weakness and suppressed as such. So let it be recognised that it takes courage to cry. Let’s also remember that tears accompany joy and gratitude too.

‘Water is often representative of emotions so the rain can be a reminder to pay attention to what’s going on emotionally: where is there sadness that needs to be acknowledged, where is there joy that hasn’t been expressed?

‘Our emotions are the essence of life, locking them up is a sadness in itself. Our emotions are often seen as an inconvenience and sometimes even as a curse, but it’s actually a living miracle to be able to feel. What’s more our feelings and emotions are the keys to the mind-made cages we shut ourselves into for the sake of convention; maybe it’s time to wash some of those bars away.’

(c) Altazar Rossiter

Altazar Rossiter is an acclaimed facilitator. He is the author of Developing Spiritual Intelligence. An intuitive channel, healer and personal development coach, he has pioneered innovative training programmes and workshops internationally for 20 years. His clients include managers, teachers, therapists, counsellors and coaches.

His next Wisdom of the Heart workshop will be on Sunday September 30th, at The Settlement in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK. These workshops are profoundly transformational. They engage with the Spiritual Intelligence that inhabits us all to bring us face-to-face with the essence of our being.

The Wisdom of the Heart is a powerful resource for clearing some of our most deeply hidden patterns of self-sabotage, gently and safely. This allows the essence of who we are to reveal itself more fully and infuse our daily experience of life. There is a magic to this process that is beyond the ability of the mind to fathom.

A recent participant had this to say:

‘There’s something about the way the energy works with Altazar that enhances the effectiveness of the practices he teaches. There’s a mystery to it, a form of alchemy in the connection. This is even stronger in a group situation, where the presence of everyone there contributes to the energy of the experience.’

These workshops support the natural authenticity of your being to shine through:

•    They help to develop the ability to stay centred in stressful situations.
•    They melt away the pain of the past, replacing it with joy and freedom.
•    They enable you to understand the energy of your relationships.
•    They provide emotional management strategies that will enable you to be
more at peace with yourself.
•    They support you in connecting with your own inner guidance.

For further information and to book please contact Altazar direct.


2 Responses to How is the Weather Reflecting the Wisdom of Your Heart?

  1. Keith Wilson September 11, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    Good thoughts! A cleansing process yes but also an important reminder that we are part of nature and not as we sometimes appear to think, above it and beyond it. There is no platform outside nature on which we can stand and look in. Everything we do has a consequence – perhaps even the looking!

  2. Sally September 12, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    Thanks for making that point Keith. Those connections can be so easy to overlook in the busy-ness of our everyday lives.

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