Would you like to be part of an Ecovillage?

News of this opportunity has been sent to me by a fellow facilitator of The Work That Reconnects.  Could be an interesting lifestyle development for someone. Please note the closing date of 21st December.

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“We are a group of friends, based across the South West, who have been working on setting up a small ecovillage for two years. We are now looking for people to join us and take the project forward in the next year. We already have a fairly clear idea of what we want to do together.

Our project will be land-based, which means that we would expect to meet most of our needs from the site we live on, including earning our livings. Achieving a reduced environmental impact will be central to the way we live. Our lives will be simpler than what is now `normal’, but we hope richer too. We have no plans to form a formal sort of community, but expect our day to day lives to be reasonably closely woven together, both in work and play. We’ll all have our own lives, but there’s also reasons we want to live together.

If you want to join us you will need to be prepared to work hard, able to make a significant financial commitment, willing to contribute ideas and energy, and share our respect and concern for the natural world.

Between us we already have experience of growing food, managing land, sustainable construction / living, Permaculture, the planning system, running businesses, education, and having fun of course.

We’re looking to live in either Wales (where the One Planet Development policy could help us) or in the South West. We’ll be actively looking for a site in 2013.

We have no fixed ideas about who we would like to join us. That’s for all of us to explore. We are clear that we’ll be using a structure such as a trust for our ecovillage, with clear rules, for everyone’s good. We’re in this together and so we all need to know exactly what that means, and what to do when things go wrong.

So that’s us! Please drop us a line if you’d be interested in joining us. We’ll get back to you and let you know if we want to take it further with you or not.

Please write no more than 500 words, and cover the following:

  • tell us about your self / your household
  • what financial commitment could you make? How would you support yourself?
  • what skills / knowledge / experience could you offer?
  • what would be the most important aspects of living in an ecovillage for you? And the least important?
  • what are you going to find hardest? And easiest?
  • when can you get involved? How much time do you have? When could you move in?!
  • what else do you want us to know?

We’d like to hear from you by 21st December 2012. After that we’re going to organise a get together of the people we want to meet, and to meet us, and see where that leads.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Please reply to infoecovillagewales [at] gmail [dot] com

We are also on the look out for suitable land and welcome contact from land owners or anyone who’s spotted something viable for such a project. Plus we are looking for investors for the project, so would like to hear from anyone who has links to such people. “

2 Responses to Would you like to be part of an Ecovillage?

  1. Paul Nelson December 1, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

    Dear Sally

    As a vegetarian (almost vegan) with an interest in eco villages, community living, renewable energy, growing vegetables, straw bale and cob building and so on, I found your webpage and wondered how you had got on with your project which was dated 2012. No updates have been posted so don’t know whether the project was abandoned.

    Best regards,

    Paul Nelson

  2. sallylever December 1, 2014 at 2:37 pm #

    Hi Paul,

    Actually this was someone else’s project and I’m no longer in touch with the people involved. Perhaps you’d like to contact them using the email address given in the article?

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