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Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Towns movement, delivered a talk recently on his predictions for the next 10 years of our transition to a more resilient society. You can view his speech here:

What appeals to me about many of Rob’s presentations are the wonderful real life stories he uses to illustrate how effective we humans can be at innovation in groups – demonstrating beautifully  that wonderful synergy that happens when you put several creative souls together in a space and present them with a problem that needs solving.

As part of our initiation into the industrial growth society, most of us have been brought up with the idea that separation, standing alone and fierce competition are paramount. As we venture into a more resilient, sustainable and meaningful way of thinking, living and working we seem to be waking up to the immense value of collaboration, cooperation and co-creativity. I particularly appreciate Rob’s idea of ‘innoculating the culture of a place’. It seems possible to seed ideas, even quite radical ones, into the heart of an industrial growth matrix and then as more and more people catch on, to witness the whole ethos of a community transform. According to Malcolm Gladwell, in his book ‘Tipping Point: How little things can make a big difference,’ this transformation occurs at a recognisable tipping point, where a new idea spreads suddenly and rapidly to become the norm.

I frequently encourage clients who are small business owners to build a mutual support network for themselves and have noticed recently the renewed enthusiasm amongst several of my clients and coaching associates in re-vitalising old networks and relationships or creating new ethical and sustainable collaborative ventures in 2013. I find it heartening to see us moving more in this direction.

It feels very right for these times and I’d love to hear your stories of what’s happened when you’ve worked in co-creative community.





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  1. Jamie January 24, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    Sally, thanks again. I have shared this post with 50 people. I work at a long range comprehensive planning agency, and this is a fresh way forward.

    I was not familiar with the ‘Transition’ terminology. Is this a UK based thing? I wonder what we have like this in the US? It seems more than a going green thing?


  2. Sally January 24, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    Hi Jamie. The Transition Towns idea originally started in Kinsale, Ireland, but is now based in Totnes, Devon. UK. Yes, there is a Transition Towns movement in the USA. You might like to check it out here: You’re right – much more than a going green thing…and thanks again for spreading the word to so many others. I find that very encouraging for all sorts of reasons!
    Peace, Sally.

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