Sustainable Employment for Young People.

Having set a personal intention last year to work  with young people in some capacity I was delighted to find myself mentoring and coaching one of the participants in the One Year in Transition (1YT) project, which is run by the Transition Network. The idea of the project is to support and encourage young people to create their own sustainable employment.

This update and call to enroll is from Isabel Carlisle:

IMG_1715One Year in Transition (1YT) is getting into its third year with applications now open for this September. It is proving very successful, with all our first year graduates now doing the work they designed for themselves. The informal skills-based learning with a high ratio of tutors to students works for young adults moving from learning into work and from being employed to being self-employed. We are now evolving the organization of 1YT into being a stand-alone social enterprise run by young adults for young adults.

Current students are saying: “We are partners in the learning, it’s not passive learning. I love talking about ancient wisdom as well as contemporary problems. This is totally different from academia.” “I love that it’s problem-solving and leading-edge. It allows creativity, tingling our right brains as well as our left. I never got on with school or uni so for me this is helping me see how to go on into education in the future.”

And here are some snap shots of what the past students have achieved:

Hannah Fenton (Oxford) says: “From March 2013, my (jointly initiated) project, a time bank, was awarded funding for six community events at the local community garden, and I became self-employed in order to be paid to deliver them. The events were all on the theme of “swapping, helping and sharing” and were an absolute joy to run. When that funding came to an end, I applied for and got a fabulous job delivering a project working with volunteers in the market towns across Oxford (with Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action). This is the most exciting and interesting job I have done to date. 1YT has been and continues to be a transformational course for me.”

Lisa Tozer (Bristol) says: “1YT has given me the support and confidence to stay on track and carve my own path. We have just heard we have won two funding bids for my community garden (Trinity Garden in Bristol) to offer new community programmes. As well running my own projects, I’m studying for my masters in Youth & Community Work and working towards a Forest School Level 3 qualification. I now have a clear vision of what I want to do, which I’ve never had before. I want to support communities to reconnect with nature and I’m confident that this will be an ongoing, fulfilling journey.

Richard Toogood (South Devon) says: “I have continued to develop my livelihood as a self employed traditional carpenter and green woodworker with a vision to execute this with sustainability in its truest sense. Not in terms of using energy saving light bulbs but its integration with community, economics, advertising and supply chains, environmental equality, travel and transport, food, energy, education, livelihoods and lifestyle, clothing and shelter, medicine, health and well-being… This is an un-blinkered delve in to leading a life that is truly in line with my core values, whilst developing healthy and resilient communities that will be the foundation stones of my, and my children’s, future. That is what 1YT has allowed me to do.”

1YT is a low-cost collaborative learning programme that empowers young adults to create the livelihoods they want by growing people, community and projects together. It is a programme from Transition Network, the catalyst and supporting organization for the worldwide Transition movement. We are now taking applications for September 2014 entry. To find out more visit our great new website and put One Day in Transition, in Bristol on 12 July, in your diary. It’s the place to meet the current students as they complete their year, connect with Transition Bristol and bring community project ideas along for tips on how to grow them.

CONTACT: ISABEL CARLISLE isabelcarlisle [at] transitionnetwork [dot] org

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