WIN_20150909_11_32_52_ProI combine the professional coaching, mentoring and facilitation skills I have learned with my experience of life in order to work in evolutionary partnership with you.

My approach

I coach and facilitate from a spiritually and emotionally intelligent perspective, including tried and tested coaching, mentoring and facilitation approaches. My intention is to embrace  profoundly inspiring and empowering ancient teachings and universal truths in a modern context in the work that I do. I employ questions and practices in coaching and facilitation that reflect that aim and that are designed to stimulate deep inquiry and catalyse powerful insight. This is the surest way I have so far found to encourage myself and others towards their authenticity, their purpose in life and their unique part in the larger picture of the collective, conscious and sustainable evolution of humanity.

My main influences and teachers are leaders in the psychospiritual arena, such as Eckhart Tolle, Sri Aurobindo, David Frawley, Thich Nhat Hahn, Pema Chodron, Marshall Rosenburg, John Welwood, Byron Katie and Joanna Macy.

What this means for you.

For you, this means that I hold a safe, welcoming and encouraging space for you to explore your true nature, your connections with others and the world at large and what a meaningful and fulfilling life and livelihood means for you. Coaching works on the fundamental premise that we all have whatever inner resources that we need within us to get to where we want to go in life. These resources may be under-developed and there can be obstacles on the path.  By working with, and developing, your emotional and spiritual intelligence, you will find yourself better placed to face the obstacles, and integrate the lessons, offered to you. You will also feel more self-empowered in making the most of the opportunities you are given as you commit to your chosen path.


Love, compassion, cooperation, growth, openness, honesty and integrity are all important to me. My life has its foundations set in my intention to prioritise quality of life and honouring the sacred above a more materialistic standard of living.

In my personal life, I have experienced some of the more common challenges and obstacles, (and also a few unusual ones) that affect many of us. On the whole, I enjoy challenges and opportunities for growth. What I’ve learnt so far about obstacles encourages me to intend to approach such events and situations with acceptance, presence and a willingness to act in service and partnership where possible. The challenges and obstacles I’ve experienced personally include major surgery and long term convalescence, living alongside disability, death of loved ones, divorce and redundancy. Living through these experiences has been a major source of strength and transformation.

I have also been fortunate enough to experience the fruits of many opportunities including: the joys and stresses of affluence and status, of parenthood and family life, the fulfilment of meaningful work as well as the richness of a simple, sustainable life based on an orientation towards the sacred.


Professionally, I am educated to masters degree level and continue to further my education through personal and professional development courses and autonomous learning. I have an IIC and M (International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) accredited Professional Coaching Diploma and a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

My particular interests are in transpersonal coaching and engaged spirituality.

My coaching business is the fourth small business that I have run. In addition to this I have had experience of running a medium sized company jointly with my ex husband and I have worked for two major international corporations in industrial sales, marketing, and training functions. My experience in the education and training of others and in facilitating their personal and professional development spans more than 20 years. It also includes voluntary work for many different initiatives, including currently 1YT (One Year in Transition), a collaborative learning programme that supports young adults in making the livelihoods they want whilst empowering them to create positive, sustainable change for their communities.

Am I the right coach for you? Please feel free to contact me to arrange a no-obligation, exploratory telephone conversation.


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