How to love your job: 8 tips for enlivening your livelihood.

‘Your work is your love made visible’ Kahlil Gibran Do you find yourself trapped in a job you don’t enjoy but where you stay in order to pay the bills? How much is this draining your energy and your zest for life? Our culture attempts to persuade us that duty, ability, status and an unwritten […]

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Rekindling the Children’s Fire

Who are you? Are you brave? Do you have freedom of thought? A powerful story, delivered by the one and only Tim’Mac’Macartney of Embercombe, for you to savour and share over the bank holiday weekend. In this short and poignant video he starts with a fundamental question about how we govern ourselves in alignment with […]

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Shifting Values: Is it futile to try to change our culture?

I feel so blessed when I am working closely and deeply with people who are at the leading edge of positive transitions in our culture. Some people call them changemakers. What I’ve noticed as a theme present with many changemakers is energy management – not of the fossil fuel or renewable variety, but personal energy […]

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Who do we trust?

With the election looming in the UK, those of us who have the right to vote here are being asked to make some important choices. Externally, we are being fed with facts and figures, projections and priorities, accusations and promises. Who do we trust to tell us the truth and to deliver on their commitments […]

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How feminine is your approach to work?

The future of work, in a truly sustainable and resilient society, is in nurturing relationships and this is where the feminine part of our human makeup excels, or at least the mature feminine does. Working relationships are becoming more and more about connectivity: cooperation rather than competition, encouraging each other rather than eliminating the opposition. […]

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