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Angel Oak Tree

Tree of Thriving Professional Relationships

Trees play such a large part in our lives. Collectively, they are the lungs of the earth, whilst individually they can each be self sustaining eco-systems in their own right. On a more subtle level, they can be symbolic of many aspects of human life, including our professional relationships. I’ve used this idea to map […]

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Fun Time.

  A Case for Fun. One of the questions I pose to coaching clients when we first start working together is: ‘ How much time and energy do you devote to fun and play?’ It can be all too easy to overlook the importance of having some time off to do something for pure enjoyment. […]

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Re-birthing Without Therapy

  While life is constantly in flux, every so often I notice a larger than usual nudge to be part of a much greater shift. Perhaps you’ve experienced this too? And there are some huge transformations budding in our outer world at present, so it might be that we’ll begin to experience greater personal changes […]

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How to Begin, or Re-kindle, an Open-hearted Relationship.

What is an open-hearted approach to a new relationship? And what about an existing relationship that feels lifeless and lack-lustre? What is an open-hearted way to enliven and enrich the connection with your beloved? Let’s assume first that we need to know where we’re starting from. In relationship terms, this means fully accepting who you […]

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Flag of the European Union.

A spiritual approach to the EU Referendum (and other Big Decisions).

I wonder what great spiritual avatars would make of the EU Referendum and other Big Decisions we face that involve millions of people? Having listened to news reports, read articles, chatted with family and friends about the impending vote, the message I seem to be hearing loudest is that nobody really knows what the consequences […]

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