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Listening to children.

What are we modelling for the next generation?

I was very much struck recently by this news story that speaks to the nurturing, protective adult. Some parents distressed at the pressure their children were being put under through excessive testing in primary school, kept their children away from school for a day. It was a protest that clearly marked a boundary beyond which […]

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Conscious Relationships: a ‘performance’ or a ‘connection’?

Jan, a coaching client, was desperate to make a start with her new small business, a venture she’d been waiting to step into all her adult life. Her partner, Pat, meanwhile had been hoping that their lives would begin to slow down and de-stress now that their children were growing up and becoming more independent. […]

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Can you spare 9 minutes for LOVE?

Have a feeling many of you who aspire to cultivating conscious, soulful relationships will enjoy this – a guided reflection and contemplation on the theme of love. This is from Dave Richo, whose writing and relationship practices I have a deep respect for. This is the stuff of profound inner transformation…take your time…  

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How to love your job: 8 tips for enlivening your livelihood.

‘Your work is your love made visible’ Kahlil Gibran Are you running on the treadmill of a job you don’t enjoy? And are you staying so you can still pay the bills? How much is this draining your energy and your zest for life? Our culture attempts to persuade us that duty, ability, status and […]

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Who do we trust?

With the election looming in the UK, those of us who have the right to vote here are being asked to make some important choices. Externally, we are being fed with facts and figures, projections and priorities, accusations and promises. Who do we trust to tell us the truth and to deliver on their commitments […]

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Materialism: So you think you’re not hooked?

‘Understanding ourselves, we come to understand all things, but if we seek to understand all things without knowing the nature of our own awareness, great will be our calamity.’ David Frawley What does addiction have to do with a simple and sacred existence? How can owning it in ourselves lead us to our authenticity? You […]

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