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Developing a Personal Curriculum: learning for life.

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ Mahatma Gandhi September is traditionally the start of the academic year. What thoughts and feelings does that idea trigger in you? Enthusiasm? Excitement? Joy? Or is it something more like dread, fear or lethargy? Many years ago, the start […]

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Creating a Climate of Possibility from Education’s Death Valley.

In the USA, 60% of children drop out of high school (in some areas this figure is as high as 80%). And these statistics don’t count all those who stay in school and are disengaged in education. In the UK the drop-out rate is lower at around 20% for uner 16’s, but still high enough […]

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Dreaming the Future of Education

Many of you will be familiar with my fondness for Ken Robinson’s TED talks. I’m very grateful for the pioneer in him that dares to speak from the point of view of children who are crying out for radical change in how they engage with education. Whether that happens through compulsory mass schooling or more […]

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Bring on the Learning Revolution!

Perhaps some of you are familiar with Sir Ken Robinson’s video from 2006 where he talked, very memorably, about how schools kill creativity. In this, his latest TED talk, he urges us, in his characteristically funny and touching style, to shift from our current standardised learning system to one that is more personalised, creating learning […]

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New Schools for a New Society

From talking about growth in the last blog, my mind has turned to children and the subject of alternative education. Some of you, I know, are home educating parents and many of you who send your children to school question the methods that are used to teach your children and to interact with them. For […]

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Camping and the Future of Education

It was during a family camping trip several years ago that the idea hit me that downshifting might be a positive and beneficial thing to do. I realised, when preparing for our holiday, that the questions I was repeatedly asking myself were: “What’s the absolute minimum we need to take with us?” “What can we […]

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“Whatever!” Surviving Home Education with Teenagers

The teenage years can be quite a challenge, however you decide to educate your child. If your child has been home educated for at least a few years before reaching adolescence, then they will probably be accustomed to the lifestyle. If you are lucky, your teenager will also have learnt how to educate themselves with […]

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Back to School – or Not?

From my experiences of helping to run a local home educators’ support group, I know that the school summer holidays can be a decision time for those families who are facing problems with their children’s education. Sometimes it is the act of going away together that gives parents and children the opportunity to talk about […]

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