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Untying life’s knots…

  Knots can be helpful things when they represent security and safety, a reliable tether to something grounded and supportive in life. At other times, they might symbolise the complexity of a life that’s veered off track and is calling for clarity, focus and stability. How does this knot look to you? Scholarship coaching place […]

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Fresh purple sprouting broccoli from my garden -an edible bouquet, symbolising abundance and frugality.

How to be Both Abundant and Frugal.

  You might have noticed that the process of de-stressing and simplifying your life can happen on many different levels – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. It can challenge and delight us in so many unexpected ways. About 20 years ago, I experienced a shift in consciousness on my personal journey that I found shocking. […]

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De-stressing Time Management: A simpler relationship to the clock.

How often do you find yourself racing against the clock? A traditional approach to time management is all about how to fit as many activities into each day as is humanly possible. Multitasking and efficiency rule in this productivity mindset. Unfortunately, this all too often leads to excessive stress and unhappiness. In my previous life, […]

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Dancing with Anger

Every so often in our lives, there are waves of anger that bubble up and surface as injustices, frustrations, impatience, or realisations of futility and unreasonableness. What is the purpose and meaning of such discomfort? And how do we cultivate skilful ways of handling it? Anger sparks dynamism There’s nothing quite like anger for giving […]

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Imbolc and Growing Up

Tuesday of this week marked the Celtic festival of Imbolc, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and the beginning of spring in the Pagan tradition. The night before I experienced a dream that appeared to be related. I was witnessing a rounded, Rubenesque Earth Mother giving birth to 7 babies in slow […]

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