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De-stressing Time Management: A simpler relationship to the clock.

How often do you find yourself racing against the clock? A traditional approach to time management is all about how to fit as many activities into each day as is humanly possible. Multitasking and efficiency rule in this productivity mindset. Unfortunately, this all too often leads to excessive stress and unhappiness. In my previous life, […]

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Dancing with Anger

Every so often in our lives, there are waves of anger that bubble up and surface as injustices, frustrations, impatience, or realisations of futility and unreasonableness. What is the purpose and meaning of such discomfort? And how do we cultivate skilful ways of handling it? Anger sparks dynamism There’s nothing quite like anger for giving […]

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Are you too compassionate? How to avoid Burnout.

‘Burnout isn’t necessarily related to how much we enjoy what we do. It is often more closely linked with how we approach the whole idea of ‘work’, or ‘vocation’ or ‘livelihood’.’ Classic symptoms of unbalanced compassion are: stress, anxiety and feeling like you spend a lot of time teetering on the edge of burnout. Is […]

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Transforming Hoarding: from hindrance to healthy habit.

This is traditionally a time of year for storing and preserving , a pastime designed to be both rewarding and life-serving. This is distinct from hoarding, which is an unhelpful pattern and usually bothersome. From the perspective of leading a simple and sustainable life, hoarding presents an obstacle to clarity, focus and peaceful productivity, both […]

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Remembering the Light: Managing Autumnal Wellbeing

As we travel deeper into Autumn, you might be noticing your energy levels dropping in some way. Signs that this is happening include needing to sleep longer, contracting minor illnesses, such as seasonal colds, feeling a little down or depressed, feeling less productive and lively than you have been. I’d like to share some tips […]

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