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Naughtiness as a pointer to purpose

What do you do when no-one’s watching? It’s ok, no one’s listening, so you can be honest with yourself…If no-one else was watching and no-one else minded, how would you spend your day?… your ‘ideal day’? Someone asked me these kind of questions many years ago and I stayed silent for some days afterwards, wrestling […]

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7 Conscious Relationship Boosters

  …commit from the heart Commitment can be said to be one of the 3 pillars of a healthy, intimate relationship (the others being compatibility and chemistry). Without commitment, there can be little overall trust. However, commitment from the level of ego – for one’s personal material gain – will not work because it will […]

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Slavery or Service?

Human trafficking has again been prominent in the UK media. How a society treats its most vulnerable members is said to be an indicator of its state of advancement. Slavery occurs, in one form or another, even when this appalling result of a lack of mutual respect and acceptance has been made technically unlawful. It […]

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Graceful Endings

Yesterday, I completed a task I customarily set myself for the festive break – to transfer all important and dates and information from my old diary to the new one for the coming year. I’m talking about a paper diary rather than any kind of electronic one. I prefer to keep it that way as […]

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Talking Peace in Intimate Relationships: The Spurtle Factor

Too Busy to Communicate? Even with the simplified lifestyle that we’ve chosen to adopt, my partner and I find that we’re sometimes too busy to communicate properly. Our exchanges become limited to the practical and logistic and this leaves us feeling disconnected and emotionally distant from each other. To add to that, when unconscious habits […]

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Cutting a Path to an Authentic Vocation

A guest blog post today from Lisa Mc Loughlin who has reclaimed her passion for the creative and now offers her services as an ‘Artist for Entrepreneurs’. Her forte is understanding what inspires you and what you have to offer the world and then creating the artwork you need to express yourself and the heart […]

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How to Live in Simple Wisdom, part four: Being Joyful

Here is the final part of this article series exploring the Dalai Lama’s Four Faces of Wisdom and their relationship to simple, sustainable living… What is joy? And how does it relate to living and working sustainably and in simple wisdom? For me, joy is: A pure, core quality I carry that is not dependent […]

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How to Live in Simple Wisdom, part three: Doing No Harm.

In the second part of this article series, I’d like to explore the second of the Dalai Lama’s four faces of wisdom: i.            Discrimination ii.            Patience iii.           Doing No Harm iv.           Being Joyful – See more at: In the third part of this article series, I’d like to explore the third of the Dalai […]

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