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How feminine is your approach to work?

The future of work, in a truly sustainable and resilient society, is in nurturing relationships and this is where the feminine part of our human makeup excels, or at least the mature feminine does. Working relationships are becoming more and more about connectivity: cooperation rather than competition, encouraging each other rather than eliminating the opposition. […]

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Materialism: So you think you’re not hooked?

‘Understanding ourselves, we come to understand all things, but if we seek to understand all things without knowing the nature of our own awareness, great will be our calamity.’ David Frawley What does addiction have to do with a simple and sacred existence? How can owning it in ourselves lead us to our authenticity? You […]

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Creative Problem-Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits

  What kind of entrepreneurial solutions and innovations do we most need in a rapidly changing world? How do we face local and global challenges whilst also being kind to the planet? In this captivating presentation, Najiv Radjou outlines the main principles of frugal innovation – creating more economic and social value from limited resources. […]

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Sacred Economics

Charles Eisenstein explains why our current economic system is doomed to debt-fuelled demise and what a more refreshing and liberating alternative might look like. He asks when we’re going to wake up – to applying our gifts to our true purpose. On a personal level we might ask ourselves: Where might I create, or engage […]

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Spent Limes by Woodley Wonderworks on Flikr Creative Commons

Feeling Squeezed? How to Work With Urgency.

One striking characteristic of a lifestyle that’s becoming unsustainable is the sensation of personal pressure – feeling squeezed. As such, this feeling is a gift,  a sign that we simply cannot carry on as we have been. In this situation, it’s important to distinguish carefully between what’s turning up as urgent in our lives and […]

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Sustainable Employment for Young People.

Having set a personal intention last year to work  with young people in some capacity I was delighted to find myself mentoring and coaching one of the participants in the One Year in Transition (1YT) project, which is run by the Transition Network. The idea of the project is to support and encourage young people […]

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