Inner Reskilling for thriving, harmonious teams and communities.

Learn to master the inner skills necessary to thrive in a world of rapid change, extreme circumstances and conscious evolution.

How to access deep, inner, personal and collective power and resilience.

How to connect authentically, and work co-creatively, with others and the natural world for:

  • effective and peacefully-productive teams, organisations, small businesses.
  • genuine, heartfelt and fulfilling relationships in small groups.
  • personal and group resilience, stress reduction, burnout prevention, reconciliation.

This work is suitable for forward thinking small businesses, organisations and groups involved in education, campaigning, community wellbeing and resilience or practical sustainability. Much of it is facilitated through circle processes, which have been used successfully for thousands of years. They help us to access the heart of the peaceful community culture we’re all capable of co-creating in a way that’s accepting, egalitarian and co-creative.

‘Compassionate communication is an extraordinarily powerful way to create mutual understanding and make changes. It can be used in situations where many people thought connection and communication impossible. It can transform situations where both parties are full of both fear and anger.’
Thich Nhat Hanh

I offer short, introductory workshops of 1 or 2 days, longer courses, ongoing group coaching and facilitation face to face or online, by agreement and in collaboration.


Sample Content:

Conscious Group Relationships – for teams, organisational groups, charity trustees wishing to cultivate more compassionate, fulfilling and meaningful ways of relating and achieving aims together.

Includes skills and practices such as:

  • Visioning, unearthing purpose and core values.
  • Effective, democratic meetings and communication, based on compassion, respect and equality (including Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Way of Council)
  • Peace making, reconciliation and conflict resolution
  • Effective relationships with team members, clients and stakeholders
  • Authentic, durable motivation, through conscious feedback, gratitude and celebration

The Work That Reconnects – a pioneering form of group work that was begun in the 1970s by Joanna Macy. It demonstrates our interconnectedness in the web of life and our authority to take action on its behalf. It has helped many thousands around the globe find insight, solidarity, and courage to act, despite the rapidly worsening conditions caused by our Industrial Growth model of society. Based on systems theory, spiritual teachings and deep ecology, its methods are described in Coming Back to Life, the book Joanna Macy wrote with Molly Young Brown. Suitable for environmental activists and pioneers, spiritual groups and communities.

‘Ultimately, deep ecological awareness is spiritual awareness’
Fritjof Capra

Please contact me to discuss the specific requirements of your group or training course.


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