Move from rat race stress to a rich, rewarding and more meaningful life with the encouragement, inspiration and support you need to step off the treadmill.

Fruitful is a free monthly ezine which I hope will inspire you to take the first steps, or futher steps, on your journey to a simpler and more sustainable life and livelihood. Whether those steps involve changing some aspects of your life or rebuilding it, you’ll find articles here to interest you:

  • personal and spiritual development geared towards simplicity rather than affluence
  • approaches to running a small business venture that honour your values, ethics and authenticity whilst earning you a living
  • parenting for the conscious, assertive and respectful parent
  • healthy, sustainable ways to implement change
  • conscious, caring and considerate relationships
  • holistic physical and mental health

Each newsletter also includes inspiring quotations and a  personal exploration to help you experience extra benefit from each month’s topic

“Thank you for your very helpful and apt newsletter, particularly the stuff on overwhelm. I am continuing to recommend you as a business coach to people I come across in my work and find your lovely newsletter a regular inspiration.”
 – Jessica Woolliscroft – Trauma Psychotherapist –,

“I find your newsletters really refreshing. It is a joy to open a newsletter now and then that reflects ideas and values that are important to me. Love the homeschooling messages.”

- Shelagh

“I enjoyed your Fruitful this month, as I do every month, I can always find something relevant to myself.”

- Sally

“Many thanks for a fruitful rather than time wasting e-zine -refreshing!”

- Mark – Trainer and Coach

“Thanks for your newsletter. It’s an inspiration. I found your site last week and it’s like a gold mine to me… I’m hungry for information on how to ‘downshift’ – not just the information, but the encouragement and support.”

- Beverley -

” Sally’s newsletter is excellent. Always a joy when it pops into my email box.”

- Tess -

“Just the idea that ‘Doing what you love in a crisis’ may indeed be possible is so heart warming.Today I am designing and pricing a treebog, how lucky I am!”

- Steve -

“I’m not sure how I found your newsletters, I run a small organic farm in eastern Australia and even with our laidback and relatively sustainable lifestyle I find your emails refreshing as a cool glass of rainwater after an afternoon of weeding … and as useful!”
- CarolLillith Andrews

“Thank you for your newsletter which I am so glad I came across. Reading it feels a little like ‘coming home’ since the whole ambience is one that I have felt for quite some time but never known how to take it further or anyone who had similar thoughts about life and living.”

- Valerie G.

“I love your newsletters. They are an inspiration and it’s good to know I’m not alone in the changes I have made.”

- Louise – Complementary Therapist

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