Couples Coaching

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One of the concerns that you may have about embarking on a new way of living, and one that is more authentic for you, is that this will affect the relationships you have with your friends, partner, spouse, children and others in your immediate family. If you find yourself in this situation, then coaching can help by supporting you in your interactions and communication with others.

Personal relationships is an area where coaching can be particularly effective in encouraging growth in self-awareness, communication skills, assertiveness and compassion.

As a result, many of my clients have found the courage to ‘come out’ in their relationships, in terms of behaving with others in alignment with who they feel they really are. They have cultivated the skills necessary to explain with love and compassion to others close to them how they would like their lives to change. They have forged stronger relationships with those who genuinely support their growth and have managed to gracefully let go of those that have run their course.

Whilst it is possible to achieve considerable progress through coaching as an individual, another option I offer is Couples Coaching. This is where both partners in a relationship commit to coaching with me in order to work on their individual lives and on their relationship as a couple. Typically we arrange a series of coaching sessions where each partner has solo sessions with me and also some joint coaching calls with the 3 of us in conversation together. As with individual coaching, email support between coaching sessions is included at no extra cost.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.


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