Finding Your Vocation

“When you are competent, you can do your work at high standards. When you are a master, you invent the next level of your work, craft or business, which is a lot more attractive, especially to better clients and customers.”
Thomas Leonard.

From my personal journey with work and livelihood and from partnering others along theirs, here are some key concepts that I now work with:

Autonomy: the opportunity to choose for ourselves a form of employment that suits our personal strengths, aptitudes and passions.

Authenticity: work as an honest and open expression of who we really are and why we’re here.

Cooperation: encompassing teamwork, mutual support, beneficial and wholesome associations, genuine community.

Creativity: in a traditional arts and crafts sense, or creative with ideas, co-creative with others/the universe/God (depending on your personal beliefs), allowing what wants to come forth through us to arise.

Growth: a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth, an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, from others and from our relationships, from our interpretation of the world around us and our unique expression in and of it.

Happiness: facilitating happiness, choosing to be happy in our work.

Mindfulness: working in the moment, being open to intuitive and insightful input, being aware.

Path: knowing the direction and the essence of our journey, using our values as our compass.

Service: primarily focussed on giving to others, remaining non-attached to outcomes whilst committed to a path.

Simplicity: in planning, communicating, relating, organising.

Space: to reflect, to plan, to explore, to have lunch, to care.


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