Simplifying Your Life

Coaching can assist you in simplifying your life by supporting and encouraging you to:

* let go of your old, stressful way of life, find a new path of vitality and an improved way of living.
* deal with fears surrounding financial responsibilities, your relationships with   others and other    consequences of making a major life change.
* improve your health, wellbeing and spiritual life.
* further your personal growth.
* achieve balance, clarity and peace

Believing that it’s actually possible.

Do you ever get fed up with the constant round of earning and spending – trying to keep up a “standard of living” that’s costing you a lot more than just money?  Perhaps you’re beginning to feel a bit too much like a “human doing” and would like to get back to becoming more of a “human being” again.  I’ve been simplifying my life since 1989 and, with decades of experience of the process of shifting to a more authentic and peaceful way of living and working, I believe I’m well placed to partner you in your personal and professional journey too.

Letting go of the old way of life.

Think of how often, on meeting someone new we are asked “…and what do you do for a living?” Many people take their sense of identity and security from their occupation. If this is how you feel, you may be wondering how you will survive if you change your livelihood to something that is more ‘you’.

But is that identity the “real you”?

If you have been forced into a life review, for example through ill health, redundancy, relationship breakdown or bereavement, it can be a shock to have to embark on a new way of life. If you are in this type of situation, coaching can help you to come to terms with the negative feelings you may be feeling at this time. Yes, there will be fear, disappointment and disbelief. Success in this situation is not about suppressing those emotions or making them wrong. It is about observing and acknowledging them and then learning how to work through them in a way that works positively for you.

Or perhaps you have just had enough of the treadmill, are considering taking the active step of quitting a well-paid job and are unsure how to proceed from there.

Together we can start to view these concerns in a different light and overturn the limiting beliefs associated with leaving the rat race. Once you are able to view your situation as an opportunity, or if you already do, then coaching will support and encourage you in defining how you would like your new life to be and in taking the steps to get there.

From this point on, coaching will help you to welcome the changes happening in your life, whether expected or unforeseen, as your self-confidence and self-awareness grows.

Personal  and Spiritual Growth.

Despite the fact that life coaching is perceived by many to be “about goal-setting,” in practice most clients seem to prefer to spend at least an equal amount of their coaching sessions on process work or furthering their personal  and spiritual development. The work we do together related to personal and spiritual growth will honour your personal philosophies and beliefs.

Coaching will help you to view the change to a more simple and sustainable way of life as a learning experience. Like many, you may well envisage a new path and an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and we will explore what that means to you and how you can benefit from your insights. You may feel you have stepped up to a new level or are beginning a new phase in your life. For some, coaching can be about embracing new objectives and achieving wisdom, honesty and openness.  Many experience the joy of “living in the moment” for the first time in their lives.

Identifying and defining your core values in life i.e. qualities such as honesty, openness, peace, responsibility, companionship, health, wealth and freedom, is an important part of the coaching process. We will discuss the relationship and importance these have to your everyday life. In this way, coaching can support you in uncovering your authenticity and learning to live in a way that is true to who you really are.

Financial Issues.

As one might expect, the subject of money and the trials, tribulations and opportunities around this common form of exchange are a regular feature of coaching conversations. Coaching can help you to define your financial goals and then support you in reaching them, whether your personal journey involves downshifting, upshifting or sideshifting.  Some clients like to explore broader concepts around the idea of wealth. We frequently discuss different aspects of abundance and any negative beliefs you may have surrounding prosperity which are blocking your progress. We can develop techniques for transforming these into empowering beliefs that will energise you and show you the way to succeed. Coaching can help you to observe your own personal attitude to wealth, success and prosperity in a broader and more flexible sense. This will then free you to redefine what a purposeful life has become for you.

Relationships and lifestyle change.

One of the concerns that clients have is that changes they make in their living and working styles will affect the relationships they have with their friends, partners, spouses, children and others in their immediate family. If you find yourself in this situation, then coaching can help by supporting you in your interactions and communication with others. Interpersonal relationships is an area where coaching can be particularly effective in encouraging growth in self-awareness, communication skills, assertiveness and compassion.

Health and vitality

Leading a hectic lifestyle, fuelled by adrenaline, is not conducive to good health. According to BUPA, 80% of GP referrals are for stress related illnesses and unrelenting stress can, over time, lead to heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue states, insomnia, suppressed immunity, anxiety and depression. For many, this is one of the costs of staying in the rat race.

Living and working sustainably, in contrast, naturally calls for a healthier, slower pace of life.  Coaching can help you adapt your daily life in a way that is conducive to optimising your health and wellbeing. Many people like to discuss how they can improve their nutrition and find more time to exercise in a way that is enjoyable and realistic for them. For those who favour using complementary medicine, slowing down their pace of life often gives them more time to take a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. When people are under stress and short of time, their usual response to illness is to fight the body’s natural responses to the imbalance or to rush to treat the symptoms. This just shifts the source of the dis-ease to a deeper level, sometimes triggering chronic illness some time later.

Coaching can support and encourage you in developing a positive attitude towards preventing dis-ease. We can do this through identifying the underlying causes in terms of lifestyle and behaviour traits and learning how to transform them.

Embracing your spirituality

Where are you with spirituality?

Another symptom of being part of the rat race and living under constant stress is that we tend to neglect the spiritual parts of our nature, leading to us meeting life at a very superficial and unfulfilling level. Coaching can help you to get back in touch with your spiritual nature or perhaps discover this aspect of your true essence for the first time, leading to stress-reduction and a greater sense of peace and happiness.

Living your dream

A cdentral premis of coaching is that anybody can follow their dreams if they really want to. It’s not a lack of any particular intelligence or personality trait that prevents some of us doing that. We all have it in us. Rather, it’s eliminating the physical and psychological clutter that gets in the way that’s important and that is where coaching is invaluable. It’s strengthening your character, not changing your personality that will get you there!

In my view there are three main steps that are key to your success:

  • Having a strong desire or intention.
  • Having a deeply held belief that it’s possible.
  • Recognising and accepting it into your life when it happens.

In my experience, most people do not have a problem with number 1, although they might well keep their desire under wraps or refuse to admit to it for lots of reasons. Many people, however, do have difficulty with numbers 2 and 3. For most of us, there is conditioning from childhood, from society’s expectations of us, from all sorts of past experiences that limit our beliefs on what we perceive as being possible. This same conditioning can also actually prevent us accepting the new way of life when it happens too.

If you are unsure whether coaching is for you and would like to chat through some of the options, please contact me to arrange a no-obligation, exploratory telephone conversation.

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