Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Living sustainably simply means living in a way that minimises our negative impact on the planet. So, on a day to day level, it’s about reducing our consumption of the world’s resources, re-using items rather than throwing them away and recycling our waste among a host of other things. On a more personal level, sustainable living is about valuing our health and wellbeing, our relationships and community above our need to consume and exploit.

Well, its sounds simple, doesn’t it? In practice, because we live in a society that is driven by consumerism, those who aspire to live a sustainable lifestyle often feel as though they are swimming against the tide. This is when it is especially helpful to have some practical and emotional support and inspiration from someone who is outside of your life and can help you view the situation objectively and positively.

Changing habits, changing attitudes.

How do you move from old, embedded, high consuming habits to new sustainable ones? There are lots of reasons why we individually adopt certain patterns of behaviour. They range from conditioning during childhood to current peer pressure. Coaching can help to raise your awareness of the habits you no longer wish to hold onto, decide what type of habits you would like to replace them with and accompany you as you make the transition between the two..

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.

Some people do not realise when they first start coaching that they are free to choose which of their beliefs to keep and which to recycle! Limiting beliefs are like last week’s newspapers that are no longer useful and may clog up our lives. In the same way that newspapers can be recycled to produce more up to date newspapers or a log for the fire, limiting beliefs are enduring and unhelpful thoughts that can be recycled into more empowering beliefs. Coaching can help you understand how your beliefs are formed and how to cultivate healthy belief habits which will fuel you to success in your new way of life.

Relationships with family and friends

Perhaps you would like to live more sustainably in order to have more time for your family and friends or perhaps your current lifestyle has led to or is threatening a relationship breakdown. Whatever your circumstances, coaching can help you to build your understanding of your loved ones, develop listening and negotiating skills and find greater fulfilment in all your personal relationships.

Work/Life balance

If you reduce your working hours in order to live more sustainably, how will you cope financially? Through coaching you can find some options for living within your means and also with meaning. You can shift your focus from “earning a living” to “ living your dream” either through changing the nature of your work or through changing your approach to your current employment.

If you are unsure whether coaching is for you and would like to chat through some of the options, please contact me to arrange a no-obligation, exploratory telephone conversation.

How Does it Work in Practice?

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