Working From Home

Many who decide to become self-employed and/or work from home do so because of the flexibility that it offers them in lifestyle choices and because it is often a more sustainable way to work. That is not to say that it is always straightforward making the transition to working from home. Many people find that taking part in one-to-one coaching at such a time can benefit them by providing the support and encouragement they need to quickly get their business up and running without sacrificing their social life and general wellbeing.

When switching from being an employee to being self-employed, there are some aspects of the drive that we need for our jobs that we will have gained from others in a corporate environment and now find that we have to provide for ourselves. This is where coaching really comes into it’s own, with helping you learn how to manage, support and develop yourself.


Coaching can provide a sounding board, accountability and encouragement at a time when many feel quite isolated by their change in working circumstances. Together we can brainstorm ideas, explore new perspectives and achieve some objectivity. Coaching can help you to build a mutual support network, so that you can still work as part of a team if that’s what suits you best.

Time Management

Achieving and maintaining focus and your work-life balance are the keys to establishing effective time management strategies. Coaching can help you with practical techniques and training in time management skills.


I have personal experience of running several small businesses including a marketing consultancy. I am qualified in marketing as well as coaching so I can offer coaching in all aspects of the marketing mix.

Impact on Personal Life

One of the risks of running your own business is that it can lead to deterioration in your health and wellbeing and relationships with family and colleagues, as your anxieties about the success of your business lead to overwork. Coaching can help you to plan your days and weeks so that you have time for your new business and time to spend on yourself and your family. I can also help you with deciding how to arrange childcare, combine working from home with home education and combine working from home with sustainable living.

If you’d like to discuss how coaching can help you with working from home, contact me to arrange a no-obligation, exploratory telephone  conversation.