Learn more about Virgin Media mobile safety app

The mobile safety app called F-Secure is one of the additional services available for Virgin Mobile clients. F-Secure is an award winning system devised especially for smart phones which helps you a great deal in all sorts of circumstances. We can all get our phones lost or even stolen, we don’t even need to live an especially active lifestyle to achieve that. And by the time it happens we would like to be sure, that noone else can see our data except for us. Although many phones have their own built in security measures such as fingerprint and face identification features, the F-Secure has plenty of features which can be used by everyone to help keeping their data save and secure.

You can download F-Secure both on iOS and Android devices. The original price would be GBP 80 but now, all clients would get it for free for a 12 month period of time.

F-Secure Additional features

Let’s take a look at all the additional features this app has to offer:

Antivirus qualities: the app constantly scans your device and this way detects all sorts of virus, trojan also watches out for spams, randomware and a great deal of spyware.

Protection when you browse or manage your bank affairs: all is safe and secure when you browse. As soon as something suspicious happens the app would instantly warn you. This is extremely important when it comes to you dealing with your bank affairs.

Key to your passwords: With the F-Secure Key you get the change to create random passwords. You will also get the chance to log on in all your devices quickly and easily.

Protection for the family: you can simply choose what sort of websites your kids and young family members can or cannot visit. The content scan quickly helps in deciding when to block content from visiting.

Anti-theft protective features: you can easily locate and clear all your data from your device when it gets stolen. The detection feature can provide a big help to you or the police to see where you left your device. It’s a big deal especially if you forget it somewhere.

App scanning features: the app would scan and keep all your apps clear. You will also be duly informed when any attempts of getting into your data happen.

Although iOS is said to be fully protected by default, Android phones do not have this property and verily it’s also safer to be sure you are protected even when you use an iPhone.

How to download the app

You can freely download the app from the iTunes store or from the Google Play, depending on the key system you are using. The setup is very easy.

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